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  • How to Solve Roku Software Update Failure

    Solve Roku Software Update Failure

    Update Failure:

    • The Roku device ensures that it automatically updates the Software and related firmware.
    • You will see error messages flashing on the screen if there is any hindrance to the updates.
    • The Error codes are as follows:

    Error code 001, Error code 002, Error code 003, and Error code 005.


    The following reasons could affect the software update:


    • Non-responsive Roku service.
    • Extended Outage of the service
    • Bad Network connection

    Service/Outage issue:

    • In other words, the Roku customer support is responsible for the first and the second mentioned issues and nothing can be done from the user’s end.
    • Consequently, the Roku team will solve the outage or the service issue and it will get the updates done.
    • The third reason happens because of the Roku software update failure which is happening due to the bad internet connection.
    • Definitely, resolving bad network connection is easy.

    Network Connection issue:

    • Now, connect the appropriate network to the streaming media player.
    • When you use a wireless network, this issue often crops up.
    • Eventually, selecting the right network will solve the issue.
    • Next, you should possess a healthy working router
    • The working condition of the router can be ensured by connecting another device such as the mobile or laptop to the network.
    • Make sure that the connected device is able to receive a strong signal from the router which will make the Roku device work as well.
    • The Router should be close to the device to receive a better signal strength.
    • If all the above-mentioned parameters fail, restart all the connected devices.

    And also follow the steps to solve Roku Software update failure problem

    Restarting the Roku device:

    • Settings > System > System Restart
    • For Roku account setup visit Roku Com Link sign in

    Restarting the Roku TV:

    • Settings > System > Power > System Restart
    • Try reaching out to your Internet Service Provider for any issue related to your router.
    • Sometimes, just unplug and re-insert the power cable to reset the device.
    • A separate RESET button will be available in certain Roku devices.
    • Now, automatically the router establishes a connection with the media player
    • Before moving further with the software update, try completing the network setup in the first place.
    • Then, connect the router to the Roku device using either a wired or a wireless connection.
    • Each and every Roku device has the capability to connect to the network,
    • If the there is an issue connecting the device to your network, try establishing a connection using an Ethernet cable.
    • Usually, wireless connections are comparatively slower than a Wired connection.


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