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  • What Are The Roku 3 Features

    Roku 3 Features Review and Device Setup

    The Roku 3 features are very similar to the features that you may find on the latest devices. In this article, we will review the features of the device and also provide assistance in the setup process.

    The most important and notable features of the Roku 3 are

    • Advanced remote with a voice search function

    • Roku feed feature

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    Roku 3 Features

    Advanced remote with a voice search function

    • Search for channels and individual shows or movies with the help of this remote

    • It does not have to be a voice command

    • A conversational tone can be used for the search function

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    Roku feed feature

    • Get the latest updates on what’s available on the Roku channel store

    • It has three options to choose from

    • Custom design your updates according to your choice of content

    The other Roku 3 features taken into consideration for this review are the interface, usability, content and design.


    The processor of Roku 3 helps it in providing a very speedy interface

    Note-Interface speed is different from program streaming speed

    • The interface is predominantly used to make channel selections

    • The Roku remote also contributes to this feature


    • The device is very simple to setup and activate

    • Connecting it to other devices is easy and is up to date with the latest technological developments

    • It is also backward compatible with previous technologies (such as HDMI ports and USB ports)

    • Utilizing and understanding the inbuilt Roku 3 features is also very easy for users even if they are not tech savvy


    The widest variety of content is available only on the Roku platform when compared to other streaming services such as Apple and Amazon

    • Many different genres that cater to a wide variety of audience

    • Updated with the latest content through free channels such as fx networks, live stream, Pandora and a few more. Use the Activation links for each channel. Click on fxnetworks/activate to  activate fx networks channel

    • Also supports channels via screen mirroring


    The device has a very sleek design which makes it easily portable

    It does not occupy much space on your TV table

    Can be wall mounted with the help of adhesive tapes that come along with the device

    Having reviewed the Roku 3 features, now let’s go into the device setup:

    Unpack you Roku and make all necessary connections (with the TV and with the router)

    1. This process requires a high-speed HDMI cable and a USB 3.0 cable

    2. After completing the connections, switch on the device along with the TV or the attached display screen

    3. Follow the instructions and make appropriate selections with the help of your Roku remote

    4. Complete the software downloads or updates and now the device is ready for use

    Furthermore ,If you need assistance for Roku setup call our online agent at toll-free +1-866-991-0140

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