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  • How to Solve Roku Software Update Failure

    Solve Roku Software Update Failure

    Update Failure:

    • The Roku device ensures that it automatically updates the Software and related firmware.
    • You will see error messages flashing on the screen if there is any hindrance to the updates.
    • The Error codes are as follows:

    Error code 001, Error code 002, Error code 003, and Error code 005.


    The following reasons could affect the software update:


    • Non-responsive Roku service.
    • Extended Outage of the service
    • Bad Network connection

    Service/Outage issue:

    • In other words, the Roku customer support is responsible for the first and the second mentioned issues and nothing can be done from the user’s end.
    • Consequently, the Roku team will solve the outage or the service issue and it will get the updates done.
    • The third reason happens because of the Roku software update failure which is happening due to the bad internet connection.
    • Definitely, resolving bad network connection is easy.

    Network Connection issue:

    • Now, connect the appropriate network to the streaming media player.
    • When you use a wireless network, this issue often crops up.
    • Eventually, selecting the right network will solve the issue.
    • Next, you should possess a healthy working router
    • The working condition of the router can be ensured by connecting another device such as the mobile or laptop to the network.
    • Make sure that the connected device is able to receive a strong signal from the router which will make the Roku device work as well.
    • The Router should be close to the device to receive a better signal strength.
    • If all the above-mentioned parameters fail, restart all the connected devices.

    And also follow the steps to solve Roku Software update failure problem

    Restarting the Roku device:

    • Settings > System > System Restart
    • For Roku account setup visit Roku Com Link sign in

    Restarting the Roku TV:

    • Settings > System > Power > System Restart
    • Try reaching out to your Internet Service Provider for any issue related to your router.
    • Sometimes, just unplug and re-insert the power cable to reset the device.
    • A separate RESET button will be available in certain Roku devices.
    • Now, automatically the router establishes a connection with the media player
    • Before moving further with the software update, try completing the network setup in the first place.
    • Then, connect the router to the Roku device using either a wired or a wireless connection.
    • Each and every Roku device has the capability to connect to the network,
    • If the there is an issue connecting the device to your network, try establishing a connection using an Ethernet cable.
    • Usually, wireless connections are comparatively slower than a Wired connection.


    For Roku code link activation call our toll-free +1-866-991-0140 

  • Roku Mobile App Updates and Its Interesting Features

    The latest update to the Roku Mobile app is simply awesome. Smoother streaming experience with a great user-friendly interface packaged just about right!

    From your Roku account, add all the right channels that give you the perfect mix of fun, entertainment, and some learning!  With amazing choices of movies, TV shows, and music, Your Roku account is the best place to start! Sign in with your Roku account and access infinite entertainment.


    Check out the top three features that have been released in Roku App update:

    • With the Swipe, Speak and Type facility, the new Roku Mobile App update is totally killing it! With voice search and change of touchpad interface for swiping, the new Roku App is doing every bit to make it easier to search and stream!
    • What’s on Tab features the collection of new free movies, favorite kid’s shows, and the best TV series for you to find and stream! With hourly updates, the What’s on Tab is seriously one of the best finds in the newly updated Roku app!
    • The app also supports the private listening feature! With plug and play through headphones, have your own Roku party through your headset!


    Adding channels using the app

    • Download and launch the app on your mobile device or computer before you begin
    • Locate the app on the app store according to your device OS
    • And then login to your account using the corresponding credentials
    • Navigate to the streaming channels menu present in the menu options
    • Search for and add the channel of your choice
    • However, you need a channel code to add a private channel to your account
    • Find the Roku Mobile App Updates and Its Interesting Features on our website

    Removing channels using the app

    • Access the mobile app on your device and then log into your Roku com link account
    • Install the app on your mobile device or tablet if it is the first-time use
    • Then use your login credentials to open the account
    • Open the MY CHANNELS menu located on the app
    • And then search for and remove any channels that you no longer need


    In case you face any issues with the Roku player, contact the Roku customer service for assistance at +1-866-991-0140 . The Roku customer service is just a call away! With certified technicians on call, any issues major or minor shall be sorted by the Roku customer service. For additional Roku setup, Roku activation code and for other technical support on feel free to contact us 

  • Roku Premiere - Features and Troubleshooting

    To activate your Roku device please go to

    Roku Premiere Features

    • The Roku Premiere has clear design measures of 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6mm. With improved processing power, optical outputs, Ethernet inputs and SD card slots, Roku Premiere is the best replacement option for the older Roku versions.
    • With a quad-core processor and 4K streaming support (up to 60 frames per second), the Roku Premiere is powerful with its 4K capability. Owing to improved wireless connectivity reducing streaming issues over busy Wi-Fi networks, Roku Premiere is a worthy buy.
    • Improved night listening mode which compresses the dynamic sound range is ensured to have a smooth viewing process during the loud audio elements. If you are leaning toward the 4k feature, it is preferable to use Netflix purchase or subscription.

    • While setting up your Roku device, you may face minor glitches from time to time.


    • If you face any issues with regards to playing a specific video in your Roku device, try playing another video from that channel.


    • If one video plays within a channel and others do not play, then there is no issue with your Roku Premiere player.


    • In case, you are unable to play any video from a single channel, you should resort to another channel and see if you could play a video.


    • If the channel requires a subscription, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus, ensure that the channel is linked to subscription account and the login is properly done. The on-screen instructions will guide you how to go about setting it right. In case you are unable to play videos from one channel, but able to play video from other channels, contact Roku support team to help you set the Roku streaming player. With certified technicians, the Roku 24*7 support team offers instant assistance. Call our toll-free number +1-866-991-0140 or visit us at

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